COLDOR - Manufacturer of modular cold rooms and cold storage insulated doors COLDOR company produces high quality commercial refrigeration like cold storage insulated doors and modular cold rooms (coldstore, coldroom). Our offer contains all kind of doors for freezer and cold rooms and all modifications of cold rooms based on cam locks. Mon, 15 Jul 2024 02:22:23 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb COLDOR Company

COLDOR Company is the biggest producer of insulated storage doors and commercial modular cold rooms in Poland based on huge experience on the market. We still bring new high quality products which still finds interest on the world market. Our offer is still growing within new products nonstandard or unavailable products on polish market which faces our customers need. Although our company and employees experience is on a high level, our company has many partners all over the world and our customers are satisfied with our products. We keep the prices competitive to small local producers. Below we present list of standard products. If there still are products you can’t find please contact us for special offer.


Doors Cold rooms

- doors for cold rooms

- doors for freezers

- cold storage doors

- insulated doors

- sliding doors

- hinged doors

- gas tight doors

- industrial doors

- storage doors

- modular cold rooms

- modular freezer rooms

- cold storage rooms

- commercial cold rooms

- criogenic cold room

- cold rooms for corpses

- provision chambers

- cold rooms with glass doors

- walk in coolers, freezer, fridge

- cooling tunnels

- refrigeration tunnele

- PVC profiles

- plinth profiles

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The assembly and warranty service, as well as post warranty service of COLDOR'S products is the domain of companies cooperating with us, and they are listed bellow. In case of more complicated assignments, our Design Dept. will assist and serve as consultants to the servicing companies.

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Sales of COLDOR'Sproducts are conducted by its own sales department, which is divided into customer service dept. and sales personnel dept. The sales personnel are responsible for presenting the customer with an offer, technical advice, and cooperation agreements conditions and, help with placing the proper order. The moment an order is placed the customer will be taken care of by the customer service dept., which is now responsible for fulfilling the placed order.

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About us

COLDOR Ltd. Operates in the market of manufacturing and sales of refrigeration doors and cold rooms based on polyurethane panels incased in various kinds of sheet metal to suit the needs of our customers. COLDOR came into being in August 2003, and continues a 10-year-old envisioning work of a team of designers. The system created by them is a compilation of technical experience gained on both local Polish and western markets. Years of experience in manufacturing, assembly and, operation, brought forth the creation of an original system, which is unequalled both in Poland and abroad. The system is known to most Polish food processing plants, as well as to many customers in the former eastern block countries.

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COLDOR’S Design Department using the latest computer technology created a line of refrigeration chambers and doors. Size repetitiveness gives our customers the ability to choose, and receive the desired type of doors very quickly, due to the fact that, the elements of the system allow for multipurpose of their use. The strength of COLDOR'S Design Department is the ability to leave the system, and custom design for individual customer's needs. At any point, the designers are ready to advise, suggest and answer all the questions the customer may have in regards to size, materials or applications to fulfill their expectations. Manufacturing time may lengthen, but complete satisfaction will be the reward.

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